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Solar installers: Discover high-quality leads hiding out on your existing list..

And convert them into appointments with zero ad spend.

Discover a zero-waste system to plug your current leads list into TODAY.


Simple, Effective Solar Lead Nurturing

Increased appointments = increased sales volume, with zero extra effort on your part- so you can focus on closing more sales instead of buying more leads.

Solar Lead Machine With No Extra Effort

Zero risk

With no upfront investment until we start booking you some actual appointments, we take on all the risk.

Clean Energy Solutions For Solar Leads

Zero waste

We've built a zero-waste system for taking better care of your existing leads, to turn more of them into appointments instead of draining your marketing spend on leads that aren't converting.


55 +

Happy Clients


366 +

Projects Completed


85 +

Business Partners


75 +

Awards Winning

How it works:

Sustainable Ways To Find Solar Leads

We then nudge them on your behalf towards an appointment

By engaging your prospects with the right messaging, we encourage them to take that next step and book an appointment with you.

High Quality Solar Leads

We tap into your current list of

leads for you

Maximize appointments without spending

a dime on ads, no matter how lukewarm-

to-cold you think your existing list is.

Sustainable Ways To Find Solar Leads

You fulfill your appointments and close more sales

With complimentary appointment reminders and an effective rescheduling service, all you have to do is have your team show up!

Solar Companies Marketing

The 6-Step Booking Cycle

We take care of all the nuts and bolts required for the system to work, so you get to sit back and enjoy the appointments rolling in.

Use Marketing To Find Your Solar Clients


From setting up the right offer to tweaking the messaging and sending it out to each of your existing leads via SMS, we initiate the reactivation process in the most effective way possible.

Commercial Leads For Solar Companies


While we deflect any specific incoming questions to your team, our nurture process is designed to achieve one singular goal: get them to book an appointment with you.

Solar Leads Appoitments

Appointment setting

From appointment bookings to reminders and automated rescheduling sequences, we do everything in our power to maximize your show-up rate (and your conversions).

Residential Leads For Solar Companies


For appointment reschedule requests, cancelations and no-shows, our system takes care of encouraging your prospects to get back on track and re-book their appointment with you.

Generate New Leads For Your Solar Company


From incoming questions and requests from your prospects to coordinating with your team's booking calendars, we handle the entire process from reactivation to appointment.

Get Optimized Solar Leads


Our system takes the guesswork out by tracking everything from the number of leads we load it up with, responses received, appointments scheduled, cancelations and no-shows.

Why it works:

Look, we get it. Leads are meaningless if they don't convert into appointments, and so we simply shifted our focus to what really matters: getting your hard-earned leads to finally take ACTION.

Investment Free Solar Leads

No upfront investment

You don't pay a thing until we start getting you actual booked appointments.

Solar Leads Provider

No access to your private data

We bring a complete plug-and-play system that we simply plug your lead list into.

Quality Solar Lead Generation

No shows? No problem.

We take care of rescheduling them for you, and they only count if they actually rebook.

Marketing for Solar Companies

Other Industries That Are Using Solar Buttr to Book More Appointments & Close More Sales

This specific system has been working wonders for solar as well as multiple related industries, and is ripe for increasing appointment conversions from leads in just about any service-based industry.

How to Generate Leads for Solar

Home Improvement

Solar Lead Generation On Social Media


Social Media Lead Generation For Solar Companies


How To Generate Leads For My Solar Business


So what does a successful database reactivation campaign give you, anyway?

  • An additional source of pre-warmed up leads that you didn't realize you had

  • A greater return on your ad spend

  • Less waste of your marketing dollars

  • A lead nurture system that can be turned on whenever you need it, for FREE

Why use us when you can reactivate your list yourself?

While the system is simple in theory, it has a lot of moving parts that can make or break your results. From automating the right parts to perfecting your messaging, our system is already dialed in and pre-optimized to get you the best results- without losing sleep over it.

Effective Database Reactivation
Simple Reactivation

Simply put, your existing lead list is a gold mine- waiting to be tapped into.

Simply put, your existing lead list is a gold mine- waiting to be tapped into.

Sucessful Solar Lead Generation
Clean Energy Lead Generation
How To Generate Leads For My Clean Energy Company
Leads Near For Solar Business
Solar Energy Lead Generation
Solar Lead Generation Company
Solar Companies Marketing

But wait, what happens after we book your calendar out for the next 30 days?

After your bookings and sales have gone through the roof (quite literally!) with our Lead Activation System, we can assess your overall marketing strategy and fill in any leaks and holes to keep the lights on in your business, with the following services and tools.

Use Marketing To Find Your Solar Clients


Search engine optimized website, hosting and blogging features- all integrated and all in one place.

Commercial Leads For Solar Companies


AI content writer to create consistent blog posts, social media captions and email nurtures in seconds.

Solar Leads Appoitments

Google Analytics

Google Analytics 4 (upgraded from the phased-out Universal Analytics) for more accurate lead tracking.

Residential Leads For Solar Companies

24/7 Chat Widgets

... for your clients, on your website. Let your prospects get their questions answered in realtime 24/7, 365 days a week.

Generate New Leads For Your Solar Company

Facebook & Google Ads

For an influx of leads through paid marketing campaigns that can be turned on or off whenever the need arises.

Get Optimized Solar Leads

Project Sunroof

Using data from Google maps, we help you (and your customers!) assess their true solar potential in seconds.

Got questions? We've got answers!

How does a database reactivation work?

It works with your existing list of leads, or what we call a database. As long as your leads have opted in to receiving marketing email from you and you have a list of at least 500 leads or more, we 'reactivate' them for you with a simple SMS and give them an offer they can't refuse (pre-approved by a senior decision-maker at your company). Once they respond, we continue the conversation on your behalf and nudge them toward booking a no-obligation inspection appointment with you, where your sales team can give them a quote and close them on the spot.

What sort of things do you tell our prospects on our behalf?

Absolutely nothing that you don't tell us to! We answer basic questions about solar for residential housing in general, any specific things that you'd like us to about your company and what makes you different, and focus on always steering the conversation back to booking an appointment as a next step. We don't talk about pricing or financing in any shape or form, and leave those questions for your sales reps to handle once we've booked them an appointment on your calendar.

What do you need from us?

All we need is your leads list, your stamp of approval on the first SMS we will send out to start the conversation, and access to your calendar so we aren't double-booking you.

Will I need to pay for the service before you start?

Nope! We will need to charge your card for the actual SMS costs incurred by Twilio (approx $0.02 per text message), but you don't pay a dime until we actually get you qualified appointments on your calendar.

What happens with no-shows? Will I still owe you anything if there is nobody home when my team gets there at the scheduled appointment time?

Nope! Once we set up an appointment for you, we also send them plenty of email and SMS reminders leading up to the appointment which almost eliminates no-shows. However, if you do experience a no-show, all your team needs to do is mark it on our shared calendar and our system will get back to work to try and reschedule them again. You don't pay for invalid appointments or no shows.

How do you handle pricing questions from our leads?

We maintain that we are not able to provide pricing information via text, and that those questions are best saved for the appointment itself.

What if I love the system and want to keep it for ongoing reactivations?

You can absolutely do that! Our team handles the first round for you to make sure there are no surprises along the way, and also to show your team how we do it. If you'd like to keep the system and be able to launch the system, track your own leads, and have your own team handle the responses as often as you'd like, we offer you the entire system for a small monthly fee for as long as you'd like to keep it.

What if I find that the system isn’t for me?

Since this is a zero-risk system that you don’t pay a dime for until you actually start seeing results, you can walk away from it at any time- no hard feelings. We take all the risk up front.

Can't we just send out an offer to our leads ourselves if it's really that simple?

Absolutely! Although we find that most systems are not equipped to handle the automated appointment booking chat widgets, SMS workflows, and appointment follow-ups that we've built into our system for optimal results.

Do you charge for every appointment you book for us?

Yes and no. We first like to get on a call with you to understand a few details about your leads list, or database. Once we are confident about the quality of your list, we ask you for your current appointment volume, and how often you close deals at those appointments (aka, your closing rate). We then take all of these into consideration before offering you a minimum number of booked appointments within 30 days, and asking for a small cut of what those appointments are truly worth to you if we meet that minimum. If we fall short of our minimum goal even by one, you don't pay us a thing- and you get to keep all of the appointments we book for you for free.

What kind of database do you need from us?

All we need is a simple spreadsheet of your existing leads with first name and phone number at minimum, and access to your appointment calendar. That’s it. We then plug those two things into our own system, get you set up and verified with a brand new Twilio number if you need it, and take care of the rest. It is literally that simple.

Do actual humans respond to incoming texts from our leads?

We use a trained AI (artificial intelligence) model to handle the heavy lifting and volume of incoming texts, and only step in manually if and when the AI fails to answer a question appropriately. We keep the handover from AI to human natural, seamless and within our own team so you don't have to worry about a thing.

Do you provide other marketing services as well?

We sure do! We provide SEO friendly website services for your business, web hosting, blogging tools, Google Analytics 4 set up and monitoring, SMS automations, email marketing software, an AI-powered website chat widget, appointment booking calendars, booking automations, as well as paid marketing campaigns on Meta and Google. If you’ve never worked with us before, we recommend starting with the database reactivation system only because it’s a zero-risk, quick way to get booked out for the month- and it also gives us a chance to earn your trust for a longer-term relationship.

How soon can we get started?

Ready to find out if you qualify? Hit the button below to fill out a quick, no-obligation application to see if our system would work for you ⤵

Location: San Jose, CA

Call (415) 366-3770

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DISCLAIMER: The social proof screenshots above are from other marketing agencies outside of our own, providing lead reactivation services in industries outside of solar. Please understand their results are not always typical; we are not implying you will duplicate them with our system (or do anything for that matter). If you do nothing, you can expect nothing. We use these references for example purposes only. Your results will vary and depend on many factors… including but not limited to your company's reputation, background, experience, and work ethic. All business entails risk as well as massive and consistent effort and action. If you’re unwilling to accept that, please DO NOT APPLY FOR OUR PROGRAM.

After the application page, you may see an invitation to book a call with us. On that call, if you want our help (and we feel you’re a good fit for our program), we will make you an offer to work with us. There is absolutely no obligation to do so, and you do not have to take advantage of that invitation. Either way, our goal is to deliver massive value to you during the call so you know what’s working out there right now for the most successful home improvement and home services installers.

This call is 100% free.